We assist you with all stages of creative development.

  • As part of the Pre-Production phase, we provide you with guidance to:

    • define your vision for the video;
    • craft a creative brief that details the message, audience, and call to action;
    • develop a production plan based on the project's budget and timeline;
    • draft scripts, interview guides, and storyboards; and
    • coordinate the scheduling and logistics for the production days.
  • In the Production phase, we focus on filming/capturing your video. This includes:

    • audio recording of voiceovers;
    • creation of graphics and animations;
    • oversight of location prep and equipment setup for each shoot (including lighting, backdrop, and staging); and
    • direction to talent for appearing on camera.
  • In the Post-Production phase, we edit and polish the footage to present your message/story in a compelling manner that aligns with your vision. This includes:

    • enhancement and smoothing of captured dialogue;
    • sound design, ADR, and music scoring;
    • color grading; and
    • embedding of graphics and animations.

    We incorporate client feedback on each version of the video until you are satisfied, and export a final version in the format you need.

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