We don’t sell you studio time, we work with you to make great music.

Making music is a process of creative self-expression. But, trying to finish a record in, say, 4 hours because that is the amount of studio time you purchased, does not inspire creativity. Not only do you feel rushed to record something to make the studio time worthwhile, but the audio engineer is also pressured to get your music to sound decent enough in a limited time. Our model focuses on providing you with an environment and process that help you tap into your artistic talent.

Music Production Services

Audio Engineering
We work with you to create custom recordings of your music. We don't just turn knobs and faders; we provide you with coaching throughout the process.
Audio Mixing
Mixing a record is like creating a work of art. We work with you to craft emotionally moving records.

Get the major label studio treatment on an indie label budget.

If you are ready to create music in an environment where you feel you can be creative, we got you. We don't just push buttons or move faders, we provide you with guidance and technical expertise so that you can create records that sound like what you envisioned.

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